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Sandboxels Wiki onboarding channel first message: (#sandboxels)

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Silvereen Moonlight (illegally ripped sandboxels):

  • removed back button that goes to
  • Added "<p><small>Not owned or affliated with Silvereen Games (This code has been injected)</small></p>"
  • 4/23/23 Added sandboxels
  • | 4/23/23 | Added sandboxels |

ryan — Yesterday at 8:32 PM @Silvereen🔨 hellooooo, i am the developer of sandboxels which was added to this site (without permission, btw), is there a github repo i can make some changes to? so i can allow it to stay Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:22 AM ? ive never heard of sandboxels before we are closed source @ryan please create a ticket for this ⁠🎫create-a-ticket ryan — Today at 12:25 AM that’s weird it says here that u kept detailed track of ur progress adding it last month

just want to make some changes so u can keep it up and running! i will edit the html file and send it ur way Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:25 AM ohhh ofc ryan — Today at 12:26 AM 💀 Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:26 AM so just send me the new html file in dms 🙂 thanks for contacting ryan — Today at 12:27 AM do u profit Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:27 AM i have ads on like 3 sites i dont make profit off of any games tho only the site ryan — Today at 12:27 AM ok ok Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:29 AM srry, I didnt know i needed permission Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:29 AM just send me the corrected files and ill update them as soon as possible ryan — Today at 12:29 AM no worries working on it rn Silvereen🔨 — Today at 12:30 AM alright, im gonna go to bed because its very late for me, pls send the file in dms and ill update it ryan — Today at 12:30 AM got it

ryan — Today at 12:30 AM test Silvereen — Today at 12:31 AM hi uhh quickly i need some proof that you are a dev from Sandboxels ryan — Today at 12:32 AM my username is here Social - R74n The official social pages for R74n Image accounts linked on my profile Silvereen — Today at 12:33 AM awesome! your approved ryan — Today at 12:37 AM style not included, no change to that needed index.html 456 KB changes: added ample attribution added back our links and back button forced prompt for users playing with the game popped out ( Silvereen — Today at 12:41 AM Thanks I’ll add it as soon as possible Definitely within the next 7 days ryan — Today at 12:42 AM no rush