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Below is a list of tasks that need to be done at some point. Use templates  Done or  Doing... to annotate.

One-off Tasks

  • Add items, lexemes, or aliases for concepts in the following collections:
  • Create items for historical videos
  • Link Sandboxels Wiki articles to items
  • Create items for known Sandboxels content creators
  • Create items for official and most popular Sandboxels saves
  • Create items for most popular or notable Sandboxels videos
  • Create items for Discord bot commands
    • EoD Original Bot
    • EoD Everywhere
    • R74n Discord YAGPDB.xyz custom commands (-commands)
  • Create items for missing Discord channels  Done
    • Create items for popular Discord threads or forum posts
      • Import high message count EoD threads and creators from wiki
  • Create items for Copy Paste Dump pages